All prosthetic restorations in our laboratory are done by digital scanning and design, specifically with the D700 3D Scanner by 3Shape, which is considered one of the best scanners for high quality scans.
This also gives us the ability to accept (STL) digital files, from dentists who use intraoral dental scanners.


Imes icore, one of the biggest companies in the sector, is setting new standards for the future of technology. The zirconium cad-cam Coritec 340i we have in the lab, offers accuracy and provides solutions to all-ceramic restorations. The zirconium plates we use in our laboratory are made by Dental Direct, one of the most certified German companies. Our vast experience working with zirconium (more than 20,000 zirconium nuclei), guarantees the best quality and fitting of our dental restorations.

Laser Sintering

Laser sintering technology is the best way to rebuild metal structures by use of Laser, allowing us to produce complex geometries from 3D data. Concept Laser’s Mlab is considered a pioneer in the use of this technology and ensures absolute accuracy in metal frames. The use of metal powder by the German company Dentaurum, the exclusive reseller of remanium star, gives a significant advantage in metal restorations.

Remanium Star CL specifications

Technical specifications
Material specifications


The innovative IPS e.max (lithium ceramic) provides precision in adjustments, functionality and aesthetics, while its strength reaching 400 MPa. It is ideal for all-ceramic restorations, elevations, inlays, onlays and table-tops. This technique of restoration without the use of layered porcelain building, gives us an excellent cosmetic result, with maximum durability.